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Although your mentors are the people you'll be seeing the most of, there are also many others in International Student Programs helping to make sure STELLAR runs smoothly. The three student workers for STELLAR are already hard at work getting everything ready for when you arrive. They are all excited to welcome you in person this weekend!

Thumbnail image for leo.jpgHello, I'm Zeyun Lin; you can call me Leo. I am the ISP student worker during the STELLAR program. I'm a sophomore at UMM. My majors are Mathematics and Statistics. I prefer to play tennis and swimming. I love Morris which is a quiet and beautiful place to study. Like you, last year, I was one of the STELLAR program members. What I learnt from that summer is something which I can't learn from the school. Have fun during the STELLAR program with us!

Thumbnail image for allen.jpgHello, everybody. My name is Allen, and my major is Biochemistry. Two years ago, I came to the University of Minnesota Morris to further my studies just like you, and I had a good time. All the professors and students here are friendly and whenever I have a problem they are willing to help me. That's the reason why I like this university. As your friend, I will try to solve any kinds of problems you have in your studies and life. Of course, when we are free, we could play together as well. My hobbies are watching movies, playing computer games and reading books. Hope we will spend a fascinating summer vacation together.

Thumbnail image for swati.jpgHi, my name is Swati Narayan. I have graduated from UMM in Economics and Management. I grew up in India and moved to the United States for my undergraduate education. I have been working in International Student's Program for a couple years now. I love working with international students. I could tell you how to adapt to this completely different environment easier and faster. I hope you have a great life ahead of you in Morris, MN. Welcome!

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