Meet your STELLAR mentors!

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Ni Hao, and welcome to the STELLAR Blog! Here, you'll be able to read about what we're doing in the program (and hopefully see some fun pictures!). We are so excited for the students to arrive from China soon! Meanwhile, if you're curious about the kinds of activities we'll be doing, take a look at last year's blog.

Although the students for STELLAR don't arrive until next week, the staff members at the University of Minnesota, Morris Office of Equity, Diversity, and Intercultural Programs have been busy going through training and getting ready for STELLAR. We'll let the people who you'll be getting to know in the program tell you a little about ourselves.

Today, we'd like to tell you a little about the student mentors. Each of you will be assigned a mentor to help introduce you to campus. The mentors will greet you at the airport, live in the dorms with you, and lead you throughout the program. You'll be seeing the student mentors in your classes as well; Sean will be helping as a tutor in the Reading class, Meaghan in the Writing class, and Zak and Saesun in the class on Communications, Media, and Rhetoric. We are here to answer any questions you might have as you transition to your life in Morris.

Here's a little bit about each of us:

Thumbnail image for zak.jpgHello! My name is Zak Forde, and I will be a senior this year with majors in Political Science and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. I am very involved as a student leader on campus, serving with the student government leadership, sitting on committees with professors and staff, and working for the weekly student newspaper. If you are interested in getting involved in student government or other organizations on campus, I would love to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. Studying at UMM will bring very special, different opportunities for everyone, and I love to show new students what that can mean for them. I am excited to be a STELLAR mentor!

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Hello, my name is Saesun Kim. I am an extra optimistic tricky magical student researcher at the University of Minnesota Morris. I love math and other academic subjects, but also I have an enthusiasm for classical music and operas. For this reason, I am attending the Morris campus which is the liberal arts college that makes you a well-rounded student. Although my major is Physics in the university, I am investigating psycho-linguistic research. I am already excited about the time with you this July. Welcome to Morris. Hope we have wonderful time in this summer together.

Hello, my friends! Welcome to UMM. My name is Guoxiang Weng; you can also call me Sean. My major is Economics. If you are also interested in this major and have some questions, talk to me and I will do my best to help you. Playing basketball and swimming are my hobbies. I have learned saxophone for one year in our university and hope I can perform it for you all at the end of our program. I am involved in skiing club, Chinese club, Geological club, and many other student organizations the last two terms; they enriched my school life. Morris is a peaceful and beautiful town and it gave me  a wonderful and fruitful year. I wish you can also experience a good university life at Morris!

Hello, friends, and welcome! My name is Meaghan Young-Stephens, and I have spent the last four years as a (very happy) student at the University of Minnesota, Morris. I study English and Political Science, and during my free time I like to read, go to plays, and zoom around on my bicycle. I've been lucky enough to travel to Egypt and Northern Ireland for my studies. However, Morris is one of my favorite places in the world, and I am excited to have the chance to spend the summer on the beautiful Minnesota prairie with STELLAR. Some of my favorite things about Morris are the free ice skating on Sunday nights, the Harry Potter-themed dance, the campus theater group Breakfast for Dinner, the scenic walk to the wind turbine, and the midnight pancakes before final exams. This is my second year as a STELLAR mentor. I learned a lot from the participants in the program last year, and I'm excited to get to know all of you!

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