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Iteration 1

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I have to admit that we did not have a decent beginning. Though we are a group of 3 -- having one more person than most of the rest groups, we didn't finish the iteration 1 on time. I had a pretty busy week last week, a big project due Monday, another project due Wednesday and Thursday is the due of iteration 1. So basically, despite this is not a very proud thing to say, I started the iteration 1 just one day before the due date.

According to our group's agreement, the work is split up in this way that I'm in charge of the tokenmaker and match stuff, Woei takes care of some tests and Noah takes care of the rest -- exactly the way that is prohibited by the instructor. And finally we tasted the terrible outcome of this. Since I'm a C lover, I really don't have too much knowledge about the class and constructor and stuff in C++. Yes, I have taken 1902 and know a little bit Java, but it's been 3 years since I took 1902. This is my last semester and I'm graduating this spring. I have waited all the way until the very last semester to take this class and most of the reason why I'm doing that is the fear of C++. So, back to iteration 1, I know very much how the scanner should work and I could make all the enumerate types that are defined in the header file. But I just really had trouble hooking up with the Token class. Thus, my part of work failed. Since essentially Noah and Woei's parts are based on mine, they can't really make something constructive based on my failure in the first place. Therefore, we can only work on the style of the code and other things that will be graded by human and hopefully get the main function of the code working later since the grade of this part can be retrieved.

During this week's lab section, having known that the lab was to start iteration 2, we felt very awkward. We are already left behind and if we couldn't get iteration 1 done as soon as possible, our situation would have been more awkward. So we reassigned our work and definitely will make test cases for his own code.

Thanks to Noah, who later explained to me how the tokenmaker and attemptmatch part work and made some examples which for me it was a lot easier to follow. Just before when I started to write this blog, I was working on writing test cases for my tokens and matches. I think we will get iteration 1 done pretty much tonight, a week's late, but still done after all.

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