Week 14

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Last week's definition: In order to help group achieve goals, leaders should understand group's different purposes, structures and times. And leaders must understand of yourself, different individuals while being self- ware. It is also important for leaders to overcome confilcts the team by communicating before coninuing work.

This week's definition: A good leader should aware of people's different, listen to people's needs and adapt your leadership style based on their value.

Analysis: According to Boyatzis's theory of self- directed learning, there is a gap between the leader his ideal self (who does he want to be) and the real self (who is he). The process could be shorter if this leader knows his strengths and value clearly by change the behaior and thoughts.

Boyatzis, R. E. (2006). "An Overview of Intentional Change from a Complexity Perspective." Journal of Management Development, 25(7), 607-623. doi:10.1108/02621710610678445

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Grade: 10 out of 10
Clarity of the new definition: 2 points
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 6 points
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 points

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