week 15

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Last week's definition: A good leader should aware of people's different, listen to people's needs and adapt your leadership style based on their value.

This week's definition: Maintaining relationships online requires more effort than maintain offline relationships. However, leaders should be aware of the more communication media you use with others, the stronger relationships you built.

Analysis: this weeks reading talked about the on/offline relationships. According to sessions, Multiplex bonds have multi types of interactions "types" including online, offline and different forms of media. It's difficult to maintaing relationships online than offline. By building more communications ways with group members will help the relationships building. And communicating effectively across cultures is similar to the process of perfecting a circus performance, so mistakes, miscommunications, and other misses will be expected.

Sessions, L. F. (2010). How offline gatherings affect online communities: When virtual community members 'meet up'. Information, Communication & Society, 13(3), 375-395. doi:10.1080/13691180903468954
Saphiere, D. H., Mikk, B. K., & Devries, B. I. (2005). "Factors Affecting Communication Style: Starring acts in the circus." 47 - 82. Retrieved from http://www.download-it.org/free_files/Pages%20from%20Chapter%2003%20-%20Factors%20Affecting%20Communication%20Style-c2c273a32b32ce590fe42518fa48db05.pdf.

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Grade: 10 out of 10
Clarity of the new definition: 2 points
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 6 points
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 out of 2 points

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