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The University of the World

If I was released from the constraints of architecture school the first thing I would do is move. Every day I’m bursting at the seams to go out into the world and explore – to learn what school can’t teach you.

How great would a school be that didn’t really have a campus, a university, or a city for that matter? What if school was this universal idea and students could come and go as they pleased on their way to a greater destination: life.

The idea would be that the world we be our campus and we would all be students at the University of the World! Everyone would learn from everyone, and everything, and every place. I suppose you could say that theoretically we could treat the world like that anyway…and a lot of us try to on a day to day basis…I know I do. It’s just so hard when you’re put under the label of a University. I’ve found that I become a slave to the institution…to my professors. Now, I can’t speak for the ‘School of Architecture.’ But I can speak for the interior design program. Who’s working for whom at this University – and why can’t we all work together? Imagine that…an institution where learning, developing, and creating new ideas is the objective…not checklist rubrics, unjustified grades, and unapproachable professors. Imagine that.

So then I think…maybe this imagined place is anywhere but the University of Minnesota – ID program….ha, ha. Or maybe it’s at a non-University research based institution. I don’t know. But for the purposes of this blog submission let’s just say this imagined place is in my imagination.

Examples of the University of Wolrd's campus...

untitled 2.bmp

untitled 3.bmp


Either way this idea of a universal university is spectacular!! And I suppose I would attempt to make my path through this universal university by interacting not only with designers, architects, and planners, but with artists, dancers, writers…


The idea of exhibition design is very intriguing to me. To me, the field of exhibition design is a melting pot of all of these disciplines. Going to work to create environments with anyone and everyone, no matter what their educational background, couldn’t be more exciting. And these environments could tell stories. They could generate awareness, poke fun, or showcase art…they could make a difference…spark discussion…or simply get people to think.



Images of how environments can communicate ideas

That’s what I would do. In summary:

1. I would leave Minnesota. (I may come back but for now…I’m gone)
2. I would create a universal academic society that would be conducive to independent, collaborative, and curious
3. I would find a place in the marriage of artistic expression and the built environment in the field of exhibition