Analysis: lead in story about 1998 murder

In the Star Tribune's article about the conviction of two brothers in the murder of their sister, the writer initially used a traditional lead. However, a few days later, this was revised and a less traditional approach was taken.
When the story was breaking news, purely the facts were reported, which were that two brothers were charged Wednesday with the 1998 murder of their sister. The story was later revised, and became a longer article with more details and information on the murder. In both versions of the article though, the time of the murder was emphasized.
Because the murder went unresolved for so long, there was an element of mystery to the story, and the writer focused on this in the revised article. The writer recounts the details of the murder, the long-held suspicion that the brothers were behind the murder, and the victory the solving of this murder represents for law officials.
Thus, the lead is used to set the tone of the story and to draw the reader in by starting at the time of the murder and then working to the present day throughout the story.

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