Analysis: Attribution in Light-rail story

In the Star Tribune's article about Minnesota Public Radio suing the Metropolitan Council over the construction of the light-rail line outside MPR studios, attribution played an important role in reporting the story.
Because the story was so focused on two parties disagreeing, the writer used many sources from both sides to explain and convey their respective opinions. Thus, he talked to the executive vice president and the managing editor of MPR to discuss their point of view, and the chairman of the Met Council to discuss his point of view.
Many of their quotes focused on why they felt a certain material should be used to dampen noise outside the studios, and were opinion based. They are scattered throughout the entire story, and every time a point is brought up, an attribution is used to back it up or explain more.
The writer also speaks with the mayor of St. Paul's point person for the project, and an administrator for the Federal Transit Administration to get an opinion outside the two parties. Furthermore, these sources have much higher positions and are able to give a different opinion from a state level.
The use of attribution and sources is very useful and important in this story because it gives a deeper perspective and allows the opinions of the two parties to speak for themselves.

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