Analysis: Multimedia

When comparing the multimedia options of the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, several differences emerge. I thought it would be interesting to compare two papers that cater to the same audience and are both local. While both have different multimedia options, the way they are approached vary.
The Star Tribune has several different multimedia options. These options include video, podcasts, slide shows, photo galleries, audio, news graphics, NewsBreak, and reader submitted photos and videos. These options are presented in the stories, as well as extras. They add depth to the stories, and allow readers to interact and feel more connected to the story. When looking at the website, it appears that multimedia is used often by the Star Tribune, and many stories are presented with a multimedia option.
The Pioneer Press on the other hand, does not have as many multimedia features. They only have video and photographs, with podcasts and interactive features "coming soon". The options do not seem to be as integrated into the stories, and there are fewer options and features available.
The writing on the slideshows are similar to what was discussed in class. They are typically two sentences, with the first one telling what is going on in the picture, and the second one giving more details and reporting the story. They are written in the present tense, and focus on a specific theme.

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