Analysis: Spot and follows

In the article about three teens girls killed after being hit by a train, the first-day story reported only the facts and provided few details. In the follow-up story the next day, there were more details, and the event was presented as a story.
In the lead, for example, the follow-up article presents more of a story. It describes the howl of the whistle, the sunset, the helplessness of the friend who watched his other friends get run over. It is more emotional and adds a touch of human interest. It describes what they were doing leading up to the accident, and how oblivious they were to the danger ahead. In the first-day story, this was not reported.
The follow-up contains quotes from witnesses, a timeline of what the teenagers were doing prior to the incident, and the identity of one of the girls killed.
It also described what the scene of the accident looked like the next day. It describes memorials that have been constructed in the wake of the deaths.
In the first-day story, only the facts are reported and there is not a sense of emotion like there is in the follow-up story.

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