Analysis: obituary of Jim Marshall

When looking at the obituary of Jim Marshall, a rock 'n' roll photographer, the New York Times obituary style is used.
The lead states who he is, an identifying characteristic, when and where he died, and how old he was at the time of his death. In continuing with the New York Times style, the second paragraph outlines the cause of death, and more details surrounding the death.
His claim to fame section outlines his accomplishments and why he is well-known, and the chronology details his early life.
Finally, his is not survived by any family members, and this is stated in the article.
The obituary uses quotes from Marshall himself, specifically from his autobiography. The quotes by Marshall explain his photography style and what he looks for when taking a picture. Besides Marshall, quotes by John Coltrane are used, though these are from past interviews. It seems the only source the writer actually spoke with was Gail Buckland, who was the curator of a show of Marshall's photography.

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