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When looking at a press release concerning Gov. Tim Pawlenty's health care plan for low income individuals, and a news report covering the same topic, many key differences emerge.
In the press release, released by the state, there is little background given, and only the plans for the health care plan is revealed. It also focuses solely on the good, and does not acknowledge any difficulties or problems that may arise from the new plan.
In the news report, the story is more fleshed out. Background is given, and different points of view are discussed. For example, the decisions reached came after months of arguments, and after two vetoes by Gov. Pawlenty. This was not discussed at all in the press release.
Furthermore, protests surrounding the agreement by hospital executives, poverty advocates and Roman Catholic bishops were also discussed.
Pawlenty has been very critical of the General Assistance Medical Care program in the past, and the news report focused heavily on this as well. It presented the agreement as controversial, and the settling of a huge dispute, unlike the press release.
Overall, the press release merely stated the basic facts, while the news report found the story behind the facts.

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