Mistrial declared in death of baby

A mistrial was declared Saturday night in the trial of a North St. Paul man accused of killing his girlfriend's 9-week-old baby after the jury was unable to come to a verdict, the Pioneer Press reported.
The trial of Louis D. Jones, 26, was ended by Ramsey County District Judge M. Michael Monahan after the jury could not reach a verdict after 15 hours.
Jones was on trial for the death of Rhania Jones, his girlfriend's baby who he considered his own. Rhania died on March 4, after suffering bleeding in her brain, retinal hemorrhaging, and brain swelling in an incident on Feb. 27.
Prosecutors said Rhania was a healthy baby before the incident, and the cause of death was from complications from nonaccidental abusive head trauma, which is considered a homicide.
The defense said assumptions had been made to quickly that Rhania was abused, and argued there was no evidence of a crime.
The jurors began deliberating at 11:30 a.m. Friday, and deliberated until 9 p.m., picking up again at 9 a.m. Saturday morning. Defense attorneys and prosecutors are scheduled to meet with the judge on Monday to discuss proceedings.

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