Analysis: Computer-Assisted Reporting

In NICAR's article about the flooding of the Red River in Fargo, multiple computer-assisted reporting techniques are used.
The article is providing resources for covering floods, and uses databases to help cover the flood, localize the story, and allow the reader to see how well-equipped their town is for a flood or other disaster. Tipsheets are also frequently used and cited throughout the article, providing quick and accessible information concerning the flood.
For the article, the writer would need a strong knowledge of databases. They are referenced multiple times, and are crucial for covering floods. Databases such as Storm Events, the National Inventory of Dams and the National Bridge Inventory are relevant resources to the article and the flood coverage.
Besides knowing how to access databases, knowing how to navigate them is crucial as well. They can sometimes be overwhelming, and the writer would need to know which databases to use and how to extract the most important information from them. Knowing how to use them properly will allow the writer to communicate why they are helpful, and explain the importance to the reader.

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