Analysis: Numbers

In an article about low numbers of veterans applying for better benefits, numbers are used accurately, effectively, and emphasize the point.
In the lead, they use relational terms, saying that only "a fraction" of veterans have applied for an increase in benefits.
However, from there, they become much more specific. The reporter states that only 921 out of 77,000 veterans have applied for these benefits.
The author also discusses disability ratings in the article. The author makes sure to explain what this is, and what the ratings mean, so as not to confuse the reader. Thus, a rating of under 30 percent disabled with less than 20 years of service receive only a one-time severance payment. Without this explanation, I would have had no idea what this rating meant, or its importance.
The reporter used some math, mainly to calculate percentages throughout the article. Percentages are used often, and effectively emphasize points.
The source of the numbers all come from the Physical Disability Board of Review, and this is stated directly in the article.

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