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Project Title: Remixed Textures from Nature

Media: Lazertran paper, glass picture frames

Size + Format: Six picture frames that are all 4"X 6" each.

What conceptual ideas or thematic subjects did you investigate with
this project: I looked at textures found in nature and remixed them to be abstract and non-representational of their original photographs.

Describe your work process on these finished pieces : My work process was first to go out and take pictures of nature. Then I remixed the photographs in photoshop. After that I printed my images onto Lazertran paper and then transfered them onto glass. After the images dried I coated the images with varnish to give them a see through look. Then I assembled them into the picture frames.

The technical issues I encountered was keeping the varnish just on the image and not getting it anywhere else on the glass. Also during transferring the images liked to curl and it was hard to keep them flat on the edges.

I resolved the issues by putting something flat on the images as they dried and put the varnish on very carefully with a small paint brush.

I like the process I used and would use it again for other projects!

Evaluate the success of the final craft of your finished project: I thought my final project turned out well and it was what I expected it to look like. I thought my images and how they are displayed turned out well and I think together they feel like a series that belong together.

Describe how you would ideally present or share this work with a
public audience: This work would be displayed for the public on a wall with all the images in a row and two columns. Ideally, I would like to have some sort of light shining on them to see the transparency of the images.

Describe how you would expand on this creative work if you were to
continue developing it: If I were to expand on this work I would create more nature images and have a series for each season during the year. I also would print them bigger.

Layout for Digital Focus Project

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My digital focus project is created and now I am looking at layout options for my project. Here are some layouts I like:





My favorites are the last two images.

Final images

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I have finished my images and here are six of them. Not sure if I will use them all for the final but I have 6 to choose from.



rock texture.jpg





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During the week of working outside of the classroom to get work done on the digital focus project I:

- Finished my mushroom/pine cone picture and came up with five different versions of the image and what the background could look like.

Here is the final image with nothing done to the background:

Here is an album of the images: mushroom/pinecone

-During the week I also tried a transfer method of printing on lazertran paper and transferring it to glass. I found the method very easy and I tried different finishing methods. The first one is leaving the images with no varnish on the image, which makes it NOT see-through. On a few of the images I tried putting varnish on them to see what it would look like and see how see- through it is.

transfer method

I created a new image of a plant. I used all shades of green for the leaves and the inside "seeds" of the plant I used tan shades. The background I used a grey color with a low opacity.


Another new image I created was about logs and snow. The brown shapes are representational of logs and the white is snow.


Critique 2

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The work I have done this week is start on a picture of bark and took more pictures of textures in nature.






After the critique the group decided that they liked my progress of the mushroom/pine-cone piece and that my background for tat piece should show the original picture with either lower opacity or contrast. The group liked my rose piece from the first critique and they think I should find more plants like that in the greenhouse. They thought the idea of using glass was a good idea and that maybe lighting the background behind it could be cool. They also said that my color choices are good so far and that I should not restrict myself because the main picture is very restricted by the shape styles.

critique 1



This picture is of a rose. I made the rose into a geometric design that i made with the pen tool in illustrator. During critique the group thought it was nice they could tell right way what it was, which was a question I had going into critique. The color choice and overall style was liked by the group. After seeing this image the group thought I should do all my pictures in this geometric way.


This image is of trees from all four seasons. The group liked the images of trees in all four seasons. They thought it could be hard to know it was of the seasons if it was not told to the viewer or having typography on the picture or having some indication of the seasons. The effect was liked but they ultimately liked the rose picture the best.

After this critique I am going to have my pictures all be in a geometric pattern/form like the rose picture and transfer onto glass which ultimately will be shown in a picture frame.

Past work/Example

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I don't have many examples to show of past work that will be similar to this project. The first photo I have to show is just an example of past photography I have taken. The second and third picture is a series that was about recreating a past photograph from a photographer. The original is the second picture and the third is the remake.

tree pics.jpg

car back seat pic.jpg

car final.jpg

My current work on this project:






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The techniques and programs I will be using for my Digital Focus are photoshop and illustrator. I will be using these programs to create my work. The specific technique i will be doing is recreating textures in nature in an abstract, geometric way.

Link to technique:

a href="">


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The materials that I will be using for my Digital Focus will be supplies for transferring to glass and wood. I want to transfer my designs onto glass and wood to represent my nature theme stronger. To transfer to glass I would need to use lazertran paper for an ink jet printer, water, Alcohol, and to make the image clear oil or spirit based varnish. The lazertran method works for wood as well the only other product i would need would be more glue of real turpentine.

Links to products and methods:,default,pg.html

Inspiration for Digital Focus

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My Digital Focus is remixing Nature photography to look abstract. The photography will be my own and I will use photoshop to alter the photos and remix them so they do not look like the original. I will then transfer my final images onto glass and wood surfaces. Depending on what the picture looks like will depend on what surface I transfer on. Pictures about wood will be on wood and pictures that are not wood will be on glass.

The Digital Focus has led me to look at other artists for inspiration. Each artist has inspired me in different ways. The many artists that have inspired me for this project are:

Miruna Uzdris- Romanian Artist. The inspiration here is the geometric pattern that looks like a Kaleidoscope. You are looking at something but don't see the original image but you see a different version that has been displaced.

Miruna Uzdris

Prabhakara Jimmy Quek- Singapore artist, This work looks like what you would see when looking through a kaleidoscope. The inspiration here is the multi colored brush strokes. The overall look of the painting and not knowing what the picture is what I like about this and want to incorporate in my work. The use of the imagination.

Van Gogh- The basis as to what I want my work to look like is inspired from Van Gogh. I want my work to have the same texture and look of texture as his. I like the feeling that you want to touch his work. The visible brush strokes and multiple colors is how this texture is so dynamic.



Adrienne Adam- She works and photographs patterns and textures in nature. I like her subject matter and how she photographs texture.

the wave

Mindy Lighthipe- Her piece that represents Fungus represents what I want to achieve with this project. Her design is a close up of what fungus would look like and what the colors could be. At first glance it is a very close up look and we aren't very sure what we are looking at but if you were to have a picture next to it that was fungus or know the title you would be able to understand what you were looking at.


Vis Lab Windows

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I was part of the group that put up an installation in the Vis Lab windows. I thought our installation went very well. We all worked together very well. The installation was created by Heidi. For our installation we took three different size pictures and put them in a grid formate in the windows. There were both black and white and colored images. We ended up using squares that were 11x11, 9x9 and 8x8. We filled three windows with images but we still left room to see through to the inside of the vis lab. The vis lab was nice enough to let us print our images with their printer. Going into the spring months we will change the images to relate to spring and be more colorful and cheerful for the spring time.

Digital Focus

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For the Digital Focus project I want to take pictures of textures in nature and recreate them or distort them digitally using photoshop and illustrator. An artist who has inspired me is Van Gogh. I like how looking at his artwork you can see the texture and it makes you want to touch his paintings. I do not want to paint like he did but I want to recreate photography pictures from nature that I have taken and recreate them digitally.

Example of texture:

Here is an example of what I want to do:
The original Image:

Recreated to look like:


Final Thoughts on CopyWRONG

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The copyWRONG project is coming to a close and I am posting my final thoughts on this project.

Here is my complete final five ideas along with the original Tweed image. I also have a reflection under each image saying what was done to each picture as well as if it broke copy write laws.

This next image is showing my favorite piece I created from this project and an explanation about it.


Dan Goods Lecture

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Dan Goods is a Digital Artist from California. He studied and got a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. An inspirational quote that a teacher once told him was that he needs to "stop being practical and have fun" This quote he says changed him and his approach to art and design.

He says he is very tenacious when he gets an idea. He started working with bottles, glass bottles that pop used to come in, to see what sounds they could make. In his grad show he worked with a pipe organ to make a piece to exhibit. He says he is very tenacious when he gets an idea. Today he works at Jet Propulsion Lab creating stuff for NASA. He has worked on the launch of the Rover to Mars, helps with new missions, helps give the public information, and creates places for creating. He says he has fun using technology in a new way.

One interesting think I found about his presentation was when he talked about one of his first projects after going to Jet Propulsion Lab and that was finding a way to educate the public on the planets and the stars in the universe. He showed this by having a person's hand holding sand you would find at the beach. This represented how many stars were in our solar system. He also made a separate picture with a grain of sand that had a hole in it. He had someone at Jet Propulsion lab drill a hole into a grain of sand. He found out that getting someone to do this was not easy and he had to ask a few people before he found someone who would do it.

Another interesting aspect of his presentation was finding out he did an installation at the San Hose Airport called the ECloud. This was a data and art installation he did with a group of people. It creates a digital cloud hanging from the ceiling. This digital cloud is an opaque screen hanging from the ceiling where the image is presented. He created software that would use the weather data from the top twenty cities in the country. The data would then be transported to the ECloud and people walking in the airport would be able to see live weather from another city.

Tweed CopyWRONG

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For the Tweed CopyWRONG project I have created five pictures that demonstrate copywrong.

The first one is painting right on top of the picture.


The second image is taking texture and creating a clip art feel to a scene.


The third one is using brush strokes to create a collage of layering colors.


The fourth picture is making the picture in into tiles suggesting a puzzle idea.


The fifth and final picture is using the image in a picture with multiple scenery pictures.


Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I am choosing to work with ...

Tweed Artwork

Image name: Public Common, Woodstock, New York
Artist name: Rederick Childe Hassam (American, 1859-1935)
Info: Pastel on paper, 17 1/2" x 21 3/8"
Gift of Mrs. E. L. Tuohy
Why i chose this image: I enjoy looking at scenery and nature. I also liked the way Hassam used color and that the brush strokes are visible.

About Me

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This blog is maintained by Jessica Zehm. A student at UMD studying Graphic Design and a minor in Arts and Media. This blog will be documenting my progress on what my 2D Digital Design Studio II class is doing as we continue through spring semester.

Winter Remix Project Images

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For the first project we created remix images of winter. We started by making our own remixes. We then, as a class, pulled our images together and remixed more to create a final winter remix.


Here is a link to a photo gallery:

Here is my idea for an installation...

This installation would be hung in the vislab windows. It would consist of twelve pictures being stuck to the window in the form of a 3x4 grid. Each picture would be taken from parts of the group members winter remixes. The final displayed piece would then create a new winter remix with all of our images combined.

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