Dan Goods Lecture

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Dan Goods is a Digital Artist from California. He studied and got a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. An inspirational quote that a teacher once told him was that he needs to "stop being practical and have fun" This quote he says changed him and his approach to art and design.

He says he is very tenacious when he gets an idea. He started working with bottles, glass bottles that pop used to come in, to see what sounds they could make. In his grad show he worked with a pipe organ to make a piece to exhibit. He says he is very tenacious when he gets an idea. Today he works at Jet Propulsion Lab creating stuff for NASA. He has worked on the launch of the Rover to Mars, helps with new missions, helps give the public information, and creates places for creating. He says he has fun using technology in a new way.

One interesting think I found about his presentation was when he talked about one of his first projects after going to Jet Propulsion Lab and that was finding a way to educate the public on the planets and the stars in the universe. He showed this by having a person's hand holding sand you would find at the beach. This represented how many stars were in our solar system. He also made a separate picture with a grain of sand that had a hole in it. He had someone at Jet Propulsion lab drill a hole into a grain of sand. He found out that getting someone to do this was not easy and he had to ask a few people before he found someone who would do it.

Another interesting aspect of his presentation was finding out he did an installation at the San Hose Airport called the ECloud. This was a data and art installation he did with a group of people. It creates a digital cloud hanging from the ceiling. This digital cloud is an opaque screen hanging from the ceiling where the image is presented. He created software that would use the weather data from the top twenty cities in the country. The data would then be transported to the ECloud and people walking in the airport would be able to see live weather from another city.

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