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My Digital Focus is remixing Nature photography to look abstract. The photography will be my own and I will use photoshop to alter the photos and remix them so they do not look like the original. I will then transfer my final images onto glass and wood surfaces. Depending on what the picture looks like will depend on what surface I transfer on. Pictures about wood will be on wood and pictures that are not wood will be on glass.

The Digital Focus has led me to look at other artists for inspiration. Each artist has inspired me in different ways. The many artists that have inspired me for this project are:

Miruna Uzdris- Romanian Artist. The inspiration here is the geometric pattern that looks like a Kaleidoscope. You are looking at something but don't see the original image but you see a different version that has been displaced.

Miruna Uzdris

Prabhakara Jimmy Quek- Singapore artist, This work looks like what you would see when looking through a kaleidoscope. The inspiration here is the multi colored brush strokes. The overall look of the painting and not knowing what the picture is what I like about this and want to incorporate in my work. The use of the imagination.

Van Gogh- The basis as to what I want my work to look like is inspired from Van Gogh. I want my work to have the same texture and look of texture as his. I like the feeling that you want to touch his work. The visible brush strokes and multiple colors is how this texture is so dynamic.



Adrienne Adam- She works and photographs patterns and textures in nature. I like her subject matter and how she photographs texture.

the wave

Mindy Lighthipe- Her piece that represents Fungus represents what I want to achieve with this project. Her design is a close up of what fungus would look like and what the colors could be. At first glance it is a very close up look and we aren't very sure what we are looking at but if you were to have a picture next to it that was fungus or know the title you would be able to understand what you were looking at.


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