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During the week of working outside of the classroom to get work done on the digital focus project I:

- Finished my mushroom/pine cone picture and came up with five different versions of the image and what the background could look like.

Here is the final image with nothing done to the background:

Here is an album of the images: mushroom/pinecone

-During the week I also tried a transfer method of printing on lazertran paper and transferring it to glass. I found the method very easy and I tried different finishing methods. The first one is leaving the images with no varnish on the image, which makes it NOT see-through. On a few of the images I tried putting varnish on them to see what it would look like and see how see- through it is.

transfer method

I created a new image of a plant. I used all shades of green for the leaves and the inside "seeds" of the plant I used tan shades. The background I used a grey color with a low opacity.


Another new image I created was about logs and snow. The brown shapes are representational of logs and the white is snow.


Critique 2

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The work I have done this week is start on a picture of bark and took more pictures of textures in nature.






After the critique the group decided that they liked my progress of the mushroom/pine-cone piece and that my background for tat piece should show the original picture with either lower opacity or contrast. The group liked my rose piece from the first critique and they think I should find more plants like that in the greenhouse. They thought the idea of using glass was a good idea and that maybe lighting the background behind it could be cool. They also said that my color choices are good so far and that I should not restrict myself because the main picture is very restricted by the shape styles.

critique 1



This picture is of a rose. I made the rose into a geometric design that i made with the pen tool in illustrator. During critique the group thought it was nice they could tell right way what it was, which was a question I had going into critique. The color choice and overall style was liked by the group. After seeing this image the group thought I should do all my pictures in this geometric way.


This image is of trees from all four seasons. The group liked the images of trees in all four seasons. They thought it could be hard to know it was of the seasons if it was not told to the viewer or having typography on the picture or having some indication of the seasons. The effect was liked but they ultimately liked the rose picture the best.

After this critique I am going to have my pictures all be in a geometric pattern/form like the rose picture and transfer onto glass which ultimately will be shown in a picture frame.

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