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This picture is of a rose. I made the rose into a geometric design that i made with the pen tool in illustrator. During critique the group thought it was nice they could tell right way what it was, which was a question I had going into critique. The color choice and overall style was liked by the group. After seeing this image the group thought I should do all my pictures in this geometric way.


This image is of trees from all four seasons. The group liked the images of trees in all four seasons. They thought it could be hard to know it was of the seasons if it was not told to the viewer or having typography on the picture or having some indication of the seasons. The effect was liked but they ultimately liked the rose picture the best.

After this critique I am going to have my pictures all be in a geometric pattern/form like the rose picture and transfer onto glass which ultimately will be shown in a picture frame.


Based on what you showed us during Critique on Tuesday, I like the rose image you did better than the other one. Even though it's a very abstracted view of a rose you can still tell what it is and I think it would look good on a piece of clear glass to give a stained glass effect. I know that doing these images is very time consuming but i'm interested in seeing what else you come up with.

I also like the rose. I like both ways of your working, but the way you've done the rose really goes with your concept and i think it is a lot easier to understand than the other image, which has a ton of detail (in comparison to the rose, which is simple and easy to understand). I know it was a LOT of work, but it's definitely worth it!

Jessica, I am liking both of your entries. But I think going with how you did the rose may be your strongest. If you can find strong enough textures that would work well, it would come to gether nice. Some suggestions being, those tree/mushrooms, leaves, and water drops. If you need to borrow a macro lens, you can let me know (or Katie) and I can let you use it. Overall, I think you're stuff is working out great!

I like the way the rose turned out the best, but each one is uniquely different and could pose an interesting view of texture. Looking through some of your other photographs was also interesting, and it will be good to see what other objects in nature you select to work with!

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