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During the week of working outside of the classroom to get work done on the digital focus project I:

- Finished my mushroom/pine cone picture and came up with five different versions of the image and what the background could look like.

Here is the final image with nothing done to the background:

Here is an album of the images: mushroom/pinecone

-During the week I also tried a transfer method of printing on lazertran paper and transferring it to glass. I found the method very easy and I tried different finishing methods. The first one is leaving the images with no varnish on the image, which makes it NOT see-through. On a few of the images I tried putting varnish on them to see what it would look like and see how see- through it is.

transfer method

I created a new image of a plant. I used all shades of green for the leaves and the inside "seeds" of the plant I used tan shades. The background I used a grey color with a low opacity.


Another new image I created was about logs and snow. The brown shapes are representational of logs and the white is snow.


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