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Project Title: Remixed Textures from Nature

Media: Lazertran paper, glass picture frames

Size + Format: Six picture frames that are all 4"X 6" each.

What conceptual ideas or thematic subjects did you investigate with
this project: I looked at textures found in nature and remixed them to be abstract and non-representational of their original photographs.

Describe your work process on these finished pieces : My work process was first to go out and take pictures of nature. Then I remixed the photographs in photoshop. After that I printed my images onto Lazertran paper and then transfered them onto glass. After the images dried I coated the images with varnish to give them a see through look. Then I assembled them into the picture frames.

The technical issues I encountered was keeping the varnish just on the image and not getting it anywhere else on the glass. Also during transferring the images liked to curl and it was hard to keep them flat on the edges.

I resolved the issues by putting something flat on the images as they dried and put the varnish on very carefully with a small paint brush.

I like the process I used and would use it again for other projects!

Evaluate the success of the final craft of your finished project: I thought my final project turned out well and it was what I expected it to look like. I thought my images and how they are displayed turned out well and I think together they feel like a series that belong together.

Describe how you would ideally present or share this work with a
public audience: This work would be displayed for the public on a wall with all the images in a row and two columns. Ideally, I would like to have some sort of light shining on them to see the transparency of the images.

Describe how you would expand on this creative work if you were to
continue developing it: If I were to expand on this work I would create more nature images and have a series for each season during the year. I also would print them bigger.

Layout for Digital Focus Project

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My digital focus project is created and now I am looking at layout options for my project. Here are some layouts I like:





My favorites are the last two images.

Final images

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I have finished my images and here are six of them. Not sure if I will use them all for the final but I have 6 to choose from.



rock texture.jpg




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