January 25th- My THIRD week in London!

This has been an extremely eventful week... which is a GREAT thing!!! On tuesday, Blair and I decided to go find the theatre and buy our Legally Blonde The Musical tickets! We wondered in every direction trying to find the theatre (finally, I got lost in London, I knew it would only be a matter of time!).. well, instead of finding the theatre we found Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square (4 times) and Buckingham Palace! We had the best day wondering around and it was BEAUTIFUL out! We finally found the theatre and bought our tickets!! On tuesday night Blair, Meredith, Paige and I decided to go on a Jack the Ripper Tour! It was awesome! We had a great tour guide who knew so much about this mysterious murderer and he led us to all of the spots where he killed his victims, where they think he lived, and where they all hung out! Definitely CREEPY but worth every penny!
On Wednesday, there was too much rain to go exploring so we decided to hang out at our campus coffee shop and chat! Unfortunately, my straightener blew out this day... I was NOT happy at all and it took forever to find time to go get a new one!!! Only this would happen to me!!
On Wednesday I got a package in the mail! Only the greatest package ever from my sister! She sent me magazines, nail polish, gum, CANDY GALORE, money, and my contacts... (and a few other cute things!!) I was so excited!
On thursday this week I had another class. We learned about learning (hmmm..?) and then learned how to knit! It was actually really fun! after class I got yet ANOTHER package from my mom! It was amazing! I got so many cute dresses and shoes and MORE MAGAZINES AND NAIL POLISH (I think my Family knows what will please me!!!) Lots of other fun things that I needed too which was nice! It was so nice getting those packages and made me sooooo happy! After that we ran to Sainsbury's to get a straightener and some groceries.
While checking out some man left his wallet so of course I volunteered to RUN (literally) through the grocery store to give it back! I think the check out man was impressed because he stopped working entirely and became me and Blair's new Best Friend!!
That night I also found out that Jamie scored her 1000th career point on the last game I saw her play! I was soooo excited for her and of course bragged to everyone that would listen!!  I think this night some intellegent person in our dorm building decided to hold a lighter to the fire alarm to see if it would go off, and it did, at 3 am! So there I stood, in the rain, in my PJ's waiting for the fire bregade to clear the buildings! Not. Happy.

This weekend was really fun too! On friday I went out with three girls that I met during orientation. The flat below me through a "flat party" so that was really fun and a great way to meet people! On Saturday night we learned our lesson with the buses here in London. Lauren ( a girl from Florida) got on without a ticket, thinking she could purchase it on the bus from the driver, and she ended getting a huge fine! Luckily I had enough money on hand to cover it so the fine was reduced! But, now we know for next time!! :)

Sunday was my FAVORITE day of the weekend! Jamie skyped me in from back home to watch the Vikings game with all the girls in our apartment! She put the camera right up to the TV and it felt just like I was there! I loved it! Too bad they couldn't pull through in the end, but we won't talk about that.

Today, Monday, I had another class at 1 pm. My teacher was AMERICAN!! I didn't realize how nice it was to hear him teach and be able to FULLY understand what he was talking about!! Blair and I got some coffee and sandwiches at The Ground on campus and we were off to see Legally Blonde The Musical. It was AMAZING! I had an absolute blast at it and would recommend it to any girl in who likes the movie!! We stuck around at the end and I got all the cast to sign Blairs program! She was one happy girl!

I was excited to watch the UMC bball games this weekend because we GOT A SWEEP! Had a HUGE win over Winona on saturday and I couldn't have been more excited!
Hopefully this next week is just as adventurous as the last!

Lots of Love from London!!!


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