February 16th!

I'm a little bit behind on my blog here (sorry mom!!) so I have lots to catch everyone up on!

I have had many interesting things happen to me these last few weeks!
First, last week, I went to class, got into the elevator, the doors closed, and I was STUCK. ALONE. IN AN ELEVATOR!!!  Scary! I could hear the maids outside so I was pounding and yelling and hitting the alarm button, but not one person came to my rescue. After about 10 minutes of that the doors miraculously opened! Lets just say, I've been taking the stairs! It was so scary!

Last week we also went to a really cool club called Ministry of Sound. I guess it is famous and it has three different rooms with huge dance floors. Each room plays a different type of music! It was a really fun time! Definitely worth checking out again!

Last week I also had to walk to find the post office to pick up a package my Grandma sent me. I started walking in the direction I thought was correct, but as most of you know, I am directionally challenged and ended up getting lost! We walked for about 2 hours to find the post office, which was FAR away, and once we found it I had to carry the box back!! My arms were so tired after but it was worth it when I got COOLER RANCH DORITOS AND PEANUT BUTTER and HOMEMADE COOKIES! I have definitely been eating good this week!

On Sunday, Valentines Day, Lauren and I decided to get all of the girls together and make a huge taco dinner! We made vegetarian, chicken, and beef options. About 12 girls came and it was one of the funnest nights! We ate so much food and Lauren made us chocolate covered strawberries! After dinner, some of the girls made a "Twister" Game set and we played Twister for hours! I think we were all EXTREMELY sore the next morning! I know I was!

Classes are going really well so far! I am in my 4th year (which means senior here) so most of my stuff is group projects and it's been fun getting to know people!

On Saturday, we are going GREECE for four days! I absolutely can not wait. Our plan is to go to Athens and then to the islands the next day and if the weather allows, the BEACH! Rumor has it that it could get up to the 70's but I won't believe that until I see it! This week we are also planning a trip to Italy and Spain in April, and I want to take my sister and Rachael to Scotland when they come! Hopefully it all works out!

I'll update you all on tuesday after I get back from Greece!!

Lots of Love from London


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