February 24th-March 13th in LONDON!

Not a whole lot has happened these few weeks. I had a lot of homework to do before Jamie and Rach came to visit and we spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and going out!
We did decide to book tickets to Ireland for the weekend of March 6th! This went very badly.
First, we had to get up and leave at about 2:30 am to catch our bus. We started off on one of the Night buses that always are running and needed to be at Marble Arch to catch our express bus to the airport at 3:30. We thought we gave ourselves plenty of time, but the bus runs a little slower when every drunk in London is trying to get home!
We got to Marble Arch at 3:29 and RAN down Oxford Street with all of our stuff! We even had people cheering us on yelling "GO GO GO GO!!!" As we turned the corner and could literally see our bus stop, the big orange express bus was driving away! We had to wait nearly 40 minutes for the next bus. Finally, we made it to the airport, which was the MOST CONFUSING AIRPORT EVER. We asked a guy who worked at the airport where to find the Ryanair desk to check in, he looked at our tickets and said, "oh, you did online check-in, head straight to security." So we trusted this man, and went to security. Then we went straight to our terminal because we were already late. We got all the way up and ready to board and apparantly couldn't board the flight because Ryanair didn't put a little stamp (that has nothing to do with anything) on our boarding pass!!! No other airline in the world does this. Just Ryanair. I am still very mad. Long story short, we didn't go to Ireland.

The next week, I spent getting stuff ready for Jamie and Rachael's trip out here and catching up on a lot of homework!!

Lots of Love From London!!!


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