March 13th-March 21st- JAMIE AND RACH IN LONDON

I was most looking forward to this week all semester! Jamie and Rachael came to visit!!!!!
On Saturday morning I took the hour long trip over to Heathrow to pick them up. There flight landed, but they didn't get service on there cell phones so we couldn't get a hold of each other! So, I was waiting and waiting, and all of a sudden on the loud speaker a woman goes... "Jill Zelinsky, please come to the info desk, Rachael Rausch is looking for you!"
That was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever heard! So typical of her :)
After that we went straight back to the dorm after lots and lots of walking with ALL of their suitcases! That night we just relaxed and went to bed early.
Sunday morning we got up early and went out to see all the sights in London!! We saw Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abby, London Bridge and took a tour of London Tower! We had dinner at a restaurant called Garfunkels and then headed back to my place for the night! Monday morning we woke up early again and went to Buckinham Palace!! We got to see the Changing of the Guards! It was so cool! We then took a little walk through St. James's park! Next we went to Oxford for the day to do some shopping! I think the girls really like Oxford! It is HUGE and so pretty! People are always running around everywhere in crazy outfits and double decker buses are flying by!
That night we went to my campus bar for a little while but we had to wake up really early the next day for Scotland!!!

Tuesday morning we woke up at at 5 in the morning and made it to the airport to fly to Scotland! We were crunched for time so, of course, RAN through the airport! Halfway there Jamie's bag came open and all her stuff fell out. SO FUNNY! Some British man goes " Good thing it wasn't your knickers, as he helped her pick up her stuff!!!"
We made it to Scotland around 10 am! Our Hostel wasn't open so we went to a little cafe for breakfast! We then went to Edinburgh Castle and took a tour! The view from the top was amazing! We also went into the Cashmere Factory next to the castle and got ourselves some cashmere scarves and Jamie got a sweatshirt!
We then checked into our hotel and ate dinner at The Hardrock Scotland! We had so much fun here and the food was delicious!
The next day we woke up and went to St. Andrews Golf Course! Where golf originated! The town was so cute and EVERYTHING had to do with Golf! We had lunch at the club house, went shopping in the pro shop and saw all of the courses!
After that we went back to Edinburgh and decided to go out for St. Patricks Day! We ate at a place called Bella Italia and ended up eating dinner next to a group from Anoka, Minnesota! Very random. and then found out our server was from Ireland, but hates St. Patricks Day. He told us to go to a fun bar down the road, so after we headed over there. It was so fun! People were yelling and singing and dancing to Irish music! We had so much fun! I would love to go back! The next morning we had to pack up and leave to go back to London.

We relaxed most of that day, and went to a bar called O'Neils at night!
Friday came and I had class all day! So, the girls went off in London by themselves (scary!) After my long day of classes and presentations, we went and got pizza and cheese bread and just hung out in the dorms and had a girls night!
Saturday morning we woke up early and decided to go to Harrods, the nicest department store in the world!!! Unfortunately, we got extremely lost. Surprise, surprise. We ended up not being able to go to Harrods but we went to Platform 9 and 3/4's from the Harry Potter movies! This was Jamie's favorite thing I think!!! It was really cool to see it!
After that we went back to the dorm and got ready to go see HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL!
We went to Garfunkels again for dinner. It was the only place that had space for us! The musical was so good! It followed the movie pretty closely and had the same songs!!! I loved it!

The next morning the girls had to leave for the States. We woke up early and after a long and complicated trip to the airport we had breakfast at Cafe Rouge to kill time. FInally, the girls had to go through security and leave me. I only cried a little which is pretty good for me!!!
I wish they would come back but we had SO much fun that week!!!!!

Lots of Love from London!!!


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