Farewell London-- you will be missed

Preparing to leave London went a lot better than I had expected... thanks to Elizabeth Griffin. I was pretty much freaking out, and we all know when that happens, I get nothing accomplished. But Libby packed my things nicely into the suitcases, and somehow (magic) she fit them in only 2! Getting the suitcases on the plane was a different story. One of the suitcases was 72 pounds (not ok) and I had to transfer items between the 2 until they both were ok to get on the plane! How embarrassing! I had one nice little lunch with Libby, headed to security with tears streaming, and left my home away from home,  London town.
Saying goodbye to all the amazing people I met in these last 6 months was the hardest part. If only I could pack them up and bring them all home with me to Minnesota! :)   I can't even begin to sum up all the friendships and memories that I have made here in London, so I have made a list of some of the things I will never forget....

of course.. in no particular order...

1. The wonderful accents (yes, even the Welsh one)
2. Pooley House Beer Pong.... where legends were created.
3. the "Shm" language.. along with the excessive use of "your mom" jokes.
4. Tea, crumpits, and scones of course ;)... oh and the FULL English Breakfast!
5. Mondays calling....enough said
6. Sunny days "studying" at the canal, boat trips across the canal, and starring in rap videos... and although I didn't witness it first hand.. Danny Schufreider falling into the canal.
7. Redbeer
8. Lizard..Lizard Love.. Lizard Dances.. Lizard Anger.. Lizard Magic
9. Joanna Wakeling... using the Dixie bathroom... and later denied to use the Dixie bathroom.
10. The "epic" wipe out by "the table"... (and the 5 others that night) well done Elizabeth Griffin
11. The night the boys ruined our study session... drew inappropriate things on our notes.. balanced pineapples on their heads, hog-piled in the hallway, ignored half-naked girls outside to jump in the bushes, and woke up EVERY resident on Queen Mary campus.
12. Shmashley.
13. Fist pumping
14. Romanian tattoos and white track jumpsuits.
15. The amazing trips made to Wales, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Greece, and France.... day trips around London, and England.

the list can go on and on and on and on...
thank you Libby, Jo, Leanne, Ashley, Kristen, Lauren, Meredith, Sam, Mike, Jack, Danny, Jake, Chris, Corey, Mark, Robin, Tasha, Michelle, Liza, Christina, Jennie, Naomi, Pippa, Sadie... and a million more... for making my 6 months, Pooley House, and London the most unforgettable trip of a lifetime. I can't wait to see you all again... now the hard part.. getting Jo, Libby, and Leanne to book their flights to Minnestroni ;)  DO IT GIRLS.



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I must end this with kisses :) 

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