May in London

May has been a crazy month in London! 
The first week of May I went to Rochester, England for a May Day festival. It took about an hour to get there on the bus, and we arrived around 10 am! The town was very English and  very small! The main road was full of people dancing in crazy costumes on the street and there were so many vendors selling all sorts of food and beer. 
There was a large castle in the town as well, and the festival set up a carnival inside the castle grounds! We spent the day walking through the shops and eating a ton of food! There was a stage next to the castle where we saw Irish dancers, and the strangest group of old me called "the fez heads." I'm still not sure what they were trying to do on stage, but everyone loved them.   The weather was actually really nice for the most part, so we spent a lot of the day relaxing on the grass watching the shows. 

On May 3rd we threw Lauren a 21st birthday party! We got all dressed up and made her a nice dinner... (ok well Libby made the dinner).  We got Lauren a dress that she was dyyyiinnggg to have and surprised her with it! She was so excited! We ended staying on campus and everyone came to the flat to celebrate! It was such a fun night! After Lauren went to bed we covered her door in newspaper so that she couldn't get out the next morning! I would have given anything to see her face when she opened her door!

After celebrating Lauren's birthday I had a TON of homework and studying to do (although Leanne did not help the studying..she is more distracting than I am :).... but we had so much fun "studying"!!!.
 I had to write 2 papers, 1 speech, and 2 exams. Exams here are done  A LOT differently than they are done back in the U.S. 
First, they are all essay tests. The average exam is 2 hours long and you have to write 2 essays in that time. It is extremely stressful because you are assessed on the whole year but you don't know which section is going to come up on the test. Pretty much you study til' your brain is dead and pray to god the questions you know pop up. I think both of my exams went well so I am happy! :) I finished my exams on May 25th and officially graduated college with my business degree (exciting!!!)

On May 26th, Ashley and I went to see the John Mayer concert, which was amazing! It was cool to see a concert in London since we all know how obsessed with them I am in America! 
That night we went out after and met everyone for some bowling in central London! 

On May 27th my friend from Crookston, Brittany, came to visit! I went and picked her up from the airport in the morning (luckily the plane wasn't disrupted because of the volcano) and we came back to campus. We had a quick dinner with Libby and Jo (after Jo slept through her exam... oops!) and went to see Big Ben and the other London touristy spots. We rode the London eye and got to see the city from the worlds tallest ferris wheel! 
The next day we went and toured Wimbledon stadium! It was amazing to see the actual courts where all of the worlds biggest tennis players play, and the championships are coming up in the next few weeks so we got to see them preparing for that! Britt and I also had a shopping day at Oxford and went to Brick Lane, which is an area in east end with a huge market and tons of amazing food and boutiques. We had so much fun on her visit and I am so happy she came!  :)

Although May was full of school work and tests it was one of the best months that I have spent in London! 

Lots of love from London

Jill :)

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