Paris---- June 3rd-5th

On June 3rd we woke up EXTREMELY early and took the Eurostar train to Paris for the weekend! 

The train was awesome and only took 2 hours to get to Paris! We got off the train and went straight to our hotel to drop off our stuff. When we arrived to our room we noticed that there was only one bed (for 4 people). The hotel had given us the wrong room! So we went back down to the lobby to sort that all out. They manager said that they were booked but would figure out somewhere to put us later on that evening. 
We left the hotel and went and saw the Eiffel Tower and a ton more sights in Paris that I couldn't even begin to pronounce, let alone spell. My moms friend Nancy suggested I get a nutella and banana crepe, so next to the eiffel tower we went to "Crepes King" and got some delicious crepes!!!  That night after getting back to the hotel and getting some bread and cheese from the local shop we checked into our new hotel room that would fit all 4 of us. 
Not only did it fit all 4 of us, but we were on the top floor, with 2 master bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a wrap around balcony overlooking the city! It was AMAZING! We spent both nights in Paris sitting on the balcony with wine and bread and cheese! We were actually living the life! :) 
In Paris, we also saw the bridge from the series finale of Sex and the City, walked to Notre Dame Cathedral,  and we walked to the highest point in Paris to get a view!! We also went shopping for a little while on Saturday before we had to catch our train back! We had so much fun on our last mini-vacation! 
Every building in Paris was beautiful and detailed. The food was amazing, and luckily, the people were so NICE to us! (We were warned that the french don't like Americans!) Everything went so well on our trip!

Lots of love from London,

Jill :) 

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