December 6, 2005

My Final Entry

Well this seems to be my final entry because this semester is almost over. It was nice talking to you and for anyone who had the time of reading my blogs, thank you. That's cool that your brother's birthday is on Thanksgiving, more food even without the turkey.

Always keep doing good in school, trust me, it will pay off greatly. Even if you are up until 1 o'clock in the morning studying or writing a paper, it's worth it in the future. Have a great day and a great future and build a garden over the summer for fun, nothing better then homemade. Bye :)

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November 29, 2005


That’s cool that you want to be a teacher, make sure you will be a sweet teacher with a lot of patience. I give a lot of credit to teachers who deal with students how always misbehave, they always try their best to help out. I have a lot of friends who play the piano, one of them plays the piano at a building where you can study at the U of M, he can sing too. My dad built a garden in our backyard, it has everything from tomatoes to cherries. So good luck with all of your goals. My Thanksgiving went fairly well, it was at my grandma’s house and all of my cousins came over. Then we went to go see Harry Potter, which was awesome! I also gained 10 pounds from Thanksgiving dinner ?. How did you Thanksgiving go? What did you do for your school days off?

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November 15, 2005

An idea of college

Wow it looks like you have your hands full with school. Just make sure you do awesome; if you do awesome, you will feel a lot more confident with your grades, trust me I know.

We get new classes ever semester. There are 2 semesters in a school year, a fall and a spring semester. We get different teachers as well. For some classes, I have over 300 students and just one teacher. Can you imagine that! You get to pick your own classes that fit your major you want, so you decide your education.

So pretty much college is really flexible, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can go out to lunch whenever you want or you can go bowling. Everything is up to, which makes college fun. But you can never be lazy! Or you will fall behind in your classes and start to struggle. So never fall behind!

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November 8, 2005


Hello Lincoln students! Lets discuss a favorite teacher that you have in mind. What makes that teacher be your favorite? Like what do you like the most about him or her? What class does he or she teach and do you enjoy just being in that class because of the teacher? My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher because she really cared for her students. I visited her last year when I was a senior in high school and she still remembered me. If a teacher has a caring quality in them, it makes me more interested in the class and I tend to get better grades if I enjoy going to class.

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November 1, 2005

About College

Well college is a very fun, I enjoy it a lot. Although I don't live in a dorm, but you can if you want, it's just more expensive, but I do wish I lived in one. Also in college, you can pick the classes you want, like you can have a dancing class and learn a new language class. Those are the fun classes you can take, but there will be a lot of hard classes that you would have to take in order to graduate with a major. A major is the type of education you want, like if you want to be a businessman, you would want to have a business major, like Marketing. But hey! that is what college is all about, you have to challenge yourself to succeed, and it may be hard, but its something that you will have to do for your future. You are doing a great job so far, just remember to always try your best!

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October 21, 2005

To the students of Lincoln:

Hello to all of you at Lincoln!

My name is Tony Zerka and i attend the University of Minnesota, it's a large college. There is over 50,000 students here actually, so that's what I mean by it's large. My nationality is Lebanese, which means my family is from Lebanon. Lebanon is a very small country in the Middle East right next to Isreal; it's very beautiful. I'm actually a Lebanese dancer, my group performs this dance called the "dabkeh," everyone loves it. Well that's about me, and now what about you?

How do you like Lincoln? Like what are your likes and dislikes about it and what would you like to do to make the school a better place? What kind of nieghborhood do you live in, and do you enjoy living there?

My middle school was not diverse, so that's why I'm asking all these questions just so I know what it's like for you. Well have a good day today, and study hard, trust me, you would want to get use to it, I wish i did :).

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October 14, 2005

The Run-down Schools

The video that we watched on Tuesday showed schools with water leaks that actually do a lot of damage to the building, some schools didn't have cafeteria, and some had computers that were older then the kids attending the school. Things like that has to make it hard for a student to even start to care about school when the state school system does not care about the students. They cannot get the proper education because the limitation of books; it's just horrible that they students would have to live under that society while we look at our education and think how lucky we are. I feel very lucky to come to a school where the techonology is current, the cafeteria sells good food, and there are new books for classes at least every 7 years.

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October 13, 2005

Income with Lincoln and Roosvelt

Roosevelt Middle School students families income was above or right around the average income level in the United States. The students would always recall that they were poor because they compared themselves to millionaires on TV and how they lived as nothing like how the lived. That is different in the lives of Lincoln students; they would look at Roosevelts students and would start to believe that they are the rich ones. The average income for the families of students at Lincoln would be under the poverty line of a single parent (most of the students lived with just a parent). They struggle to keep food on the table while Roosevelt students complain when they dont receive McDonalds.

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October 11, 2005


One difficulty that I'm having a problem with is turning in my blog entries on time. Two weeks ago, I forgot to turn one in, and now last week, I forgot to turn both of them in. I always forget about them because they seem not as important as my other homework assignments, but they are still homework assignments. It's a bad habit that I've been doing, but I know I'll conquer it. I told my friend Mo that we both aren't going to slack off anymore starting this week, and I'm going to stick with it because it's my future that I'm achieving, not grades.

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October 10, 2005

Sherman vs. LaRhonda

In relation, Sherman and LaRhonda both are considered to be "lower class." Sherman, being a native american, and LaRhonda, being an african-american. They are known to fail in this world they based on their stereotype. LaRhonda is an example, she sees herself as being a "black female" and she lives up to expectations that people see her as because of the pride of being a "black female." Sherman is a different story, he tries his hardest to succeed with little inspiration to not give up. Both are intelligent, but one uses their intelligent for the good, and the other doesn't.

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