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September 15, 2005

Chapter VII

I read Chapter VII by Frederick Douglass. A personal trait that was most influential to Douglass was that he was very interested to read and write. The family that owned him tried to make sure that we wouldn’t educate himself; they did this by always checking up on him when he was in a room alone for a period of time. Douglass would take books from the house that he knew that no one would notice they are gone and read them when he went to do errands.

The exterior force that influenced Douglass was all the little kids on the street that had just came back from school. He would confront them saying that he knew how to read, and of course, being the slave he is, they didn’t believe him. He would trick them into writing new words, and then later in the day, Douglass would teach himself how to write.

I liked how Frederick Douglass was very anxious to learn how to read and write. He would have been one of the few slaves that would actually have this type of knowledge, and the fact that he would go behind his Master’s back just to learn.

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