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November 29, 2005


That’s cool that you want to be a teacher, make sure you will be a sweet teacher with a lot of patience. I give a lot of credit to teachers who deal with students how always misbehave, they always try their best to help out. I have a lot of friends who play the piano, one of them plays the piano at a building where you can study at the U of M, he can sing too. My dad built a garden in our backyard, it has everything from tomatoes to cherries. So good luck with all of your goals. My Thanksgiving went fairly well, it was at my grandma’s house and all of my cousins came over. Then we went to go see Harry Potter, which was awesome! I also gained 10 pounds from Thanksgiving dinner ?. How did you Thanksgiving go? What did you do for your school days off?

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Yeah, I know^^ thanks. Wow that's sooo cool!! I wish I have a friend who plays the piano, plus having a garden is very sweet!! well that's so wonderful I envy you. Wow you sure have alot of fun during thanksgiving. Well for me it was okay. My parents forgot to buy turkeyT_T. well at least we're able to celebrate my bro's b-day om thanksgiving:). Wow you sure gain some poundsXD.

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