Selling to a Minor (Teenage Drinking)

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This article is about a teenage female who purchases alcohol from a liquor store. I am interested in this article because I did a one-to-one with my uncle who is a liquor store owner. The 17 year old female purchased two six packs of Twisted Tea alcohol drinks. The two females began drinking the beverages in a parked car when an officer arrested them for underage drinking. The 17 year old said she purchased the alcohol from Bradford Liquors, and said she has been there before to purchase alcohol. The owner of the liquor store denies these allegation. The police need proof to see who is right and wrong and the owner claims the camera was not working that day due to flooding, and when they checked the camera they say there is no indication of water damage.The store could face consequences such as a suspended alcohol licence or sales hours curtailed.

Minors purchasing alcohol happens on a daily basis all over the world. When I was a teenager I heard of my friends doing it and never getting caught. I can put myself in both the underage teenager and the liquor store owners shoes. As i said my uncles owns a liquor store and a tragedy like this has never happened. I have been to the store during hours and I always see the employees card younger looking individuals. There is a truth to this story it just depends who wants to say it.

My question to the teenager is; was this all worth it?

Teenage Drinking (Video)

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This video puts drinking and driving into a real life perspective. When I was a teenage I did see a video like this. I never drank and a teen, and to see other teens were killed by drinking and driving blew my mind. I was young and when you are young you do not think of anything like that happening to you.
I find this video interesting because it can make anyone tear up because lives were lost because of something stupid. You see pictures of teens who were killed. That stills blows my mind. The people I am seeing in this video are dead because of alcohol. This is extremely sad, and all teens should see this video.

Advise for Parents Regarding Teenage Drinking

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It may seen obvious that parents need to talk to their child about alcohol, but you would be surprised. From my research I have heard parents ask questions like, "How do I talk about alcohol with my teen?" This article talks about what parents should do to keep their teen away from alcohol. Yes, the teenagers are heavily influenced by their peers, but parents must be strict when the issue of alcohol comes up. A step which is talked about is to call the parents of your teens friends to see if there will be any alcohol usage at the house. This seems like it would be awkward, but well worth it. There are several other great ways to keep your teen away from alcohol, and they are in this list!

My question is; although it may be awkward to bring up alcohol to your teenage, why wouldn't you bring it up? You know it is horrible for teens, yet you do not want to engage in an awkward conversation with your teen.

Deaths Caused by Monster Energy Drinks

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This does not correlate with teenage consuming alcohol, but with the concern of the death of a 14 year old female it becomes relevant to bring up. The female consumed two 24 ounce cans of Monster Energy in a two day period and her cause of death was heart arrhythmia due too an overdose of caffeine.

I do enjoy an energy drink every now and then to wake me up before I go out or start studying, but when someone dies because of them t really opens my eyes. The question I ask is who is to blame?

Nitrogen Cocktail Explodes in Teen

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This figuratively blew my mind! A young female from England went out for her 18th birthday, and ordered a drink that contained Nitrogen. After consuming the drink she became breathless had stomach pains. Her stomach became perforated and part of her stomach was removed. After the gastrectomy was done she remains in stable condition.

Nitrogen in an alcoholic beverage is appealing to look at, but has consequences when made improperly. When Nitrogen is in its liquid phase its sits at -321 Fahrenheit. With a temperature that low it can cause burns in your mouth and on down.

Personally I have never heard of anything of this matter. I was not aware that liquid Nitrogen was used in alcoholic beverages. This is a mistake that can and will bring awareness to the fact Nitrogen is not a substance that should not be allowed in drinks.

A question i found myself asking while I was reading this article is; shouldn't there be some sort of explanation given to the customer about the drink they ordered if it has Nitrogen in it?

Teenage Drinking and Driving on the Decline

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This article describes the extreme decline of teenage drinking and driving by 54%! Teenage drinking is a major problem in the United States today, but this is an important start for us. On top of teens decline in drinking and driving; the national rates has declines as well from 22.3% to 10.3%. The state which holds the lowest drinking and driving rate is Utah with 4.6%, and the highest is North Dakota with 14.5%. Driving restrictions are in play with the decrease. Teenagers are not passing their drivers test as much, and a fact that caught me off guard, but makes complete sense, was the fact that gas rate are higher. We should celebrate the decline, and make sure it keeps declining!

A question I is more of a statement. I remember while I was in high school I did not get a lot of information in drinking. We were just told not to do it. I highly believe that a class should be taught in middle school or high school on the effects of drinking.

Teenage Drinking (Video)

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That link will take you to a video which not only makes you cry, but makes you think. This video reminded me of how much of a reckless teenage I was. Not on the drinking aspect because as a teen I never drank, but as in doing what I wanted to when I wanted to. It represents a teens life, and how we KNOW nothing bad will ever happen to us until something bad does happen to us. This video did not actually teach me anything, but it reminded me of how much of a reckless teen I was. They are living basically the same life as I did so I can relate. I know not how stupid I was, and I would help any teen by opening their mind on what they are going through.

Family Dinner's Reduces Teenage Drinking

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This article focuses on a key subject that can reduce the chance of your child consuming alcohol, and that subject is family dinners. If a family has dinner together five to seven times a week it reduces the chance they will drink by 33%! This article talks about how bonding with your child and interacting with them is a key part to a family dinner. These little things make a difference! I can understand how this can be difficult, but if it is for your child then my view is seeing it as being worth it 100%! Our children are our future.

This article was great! I highly believe that these family dinner can make a difference. While I was growing up my family had dinner together every day, and as a teen I never drank. I can say I am a prime example proving this article. I would not say that family dinners are the "main" reason for me not drinking, but now that I look at it, it could quite possible be a small reason. So have family dinners!!

To finish this off a question I would ask is; on an economic scale, how well off are the families that partake in these family dinners? I would think that families with a larger than usual incomes are the ones that have family dinners.

Teenage Drinking

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Parents will most likely never believe that their child has ever drank alcohol, but they would be surprised. Alcohol that is given to teens usually comes strait from adults. With this bad news comes great news. Believe it or not, teenage drinking has been and is on a decline. Though this process is long term it is still happening. Teens say that it is becoming much easier to obtain the alcohol, but still the use of alcohol is declining. Advise that this article gives is to just keep an eye on your teen(s). They may seem to not listen to the words you are saying, but parents are a huge influence whether or not their teen(s) drink.

My thoughts on this article are positive. It gives a summary on what is going on with a teenagers decision to consume alcohol or not. The article is short, but describes one crucial topic, which is, teenage drinking is on a decline. Realistically teenage drinking will always be a topic brought up, but the news on its decline shows that parents talking to their children about it works.

My issue with this article is, it does not promote ideas on how to talk to your teen. It says teenage drinking is on a decline, but not why or how it happened.