Family Dinner's Reduces Teenage Drinking

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This article focuses on a key subject that can reduce the chance of your child consuming alcohol, and that subject is family dinners. If a family has dinner together five to seven times a week it reduces the chance they will drink by 33%! This article talks about how bonding with your child and interacting with them is a key part to a family dinner. These little things make a difference! I can understand how this can be difficult, but if it is for your child then my view is seeing it as being worth it 100%! Our children are our future.

This article was great! I highly believe that these family dinner can make a difference. While I was growing up my family had dinner together every day, and as a teen I never drank. I can say I am a prime example proving this article. I would not say that family dinners are the "main" reason for me not drinking, but now that I look at it, it could quite possible be a small reason. So have family dinners!!

To finish this off a question I would ask is; on an economic scale, how well off are the families that partake in these family dinners? I would think that families with a larger than usual incomes are the ones that have family dinners.

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