Teenage Drinking

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Parents will most likely never believe that their child has ever drank alcohol, but they would be surprised. Alcohol that is given to teens usually comes strait from adults. With this bad news comes great news. Believe it or not, teenage drinking has been and is on a decline. Though this process is long term it is still happening. Teens say that it is becoming much easier to obtain the alcohol, but still the use of alcohol is declining. Advise that this article gives is to just keep an eye on your teen(s). They may seem to not listen to the words you are saying, but parents are a huge influence whether or not their teen(s) drink.

My thoughts on this article are positive. It gives a summary on what is going on with a teenagers decision to consume alcohol or not. The article is short, but describes one crucial topic, which is, teenage drinking is on a decline. Realistically teenage drinking will always be a topic brought up, but the news on its decline shows that parents talking to their children about it works.

My issue with this article is, it does not promote ideas on how to talk to your teen. It says teenage drinking is on a decline, but not why or how it happened.

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