Nitrogen Cocktail Explodes in Teen

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This figuratively blew my mind! A young female from England went out for her 18th birthday, and ordered a drink that contained Nitrogen. After consuming the drink she became breathless had stomach pains. Her stomach became perforated and part of her stomach was removed. After the gastrectomy was done she remains in stable condition.

Nitrogen in an alcoholic beverage is appealing to look at, but has consequences when made improperly. When Nitrogen is in its liquid phase its sits at -321 Fahrenheit. With a temperature that low it can cause burns in your mouth and on down.

Personally I have never heard of anything of this matter. I was not aware that liquid Nitrogen was used in alcoholic beverages. This is a mistake that can and will bring awareness to the fact Nitrogen is not a substance that should not be allowed in drinks.

A question i found myself asking while I was reading this article is; shouldn't there be some sort of explanation given to the customer about the drink they ordered if it has Nitrogen in it?

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