Teenage Drinking and Driving on the Decline

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This article describes the extreme decline of teenage drinking and driving by 54%! Teenage drinking is a major problem in the United States today, but this is an important start for us. On top of teens decline in drinking and driving; the national rates has declines as well from 22.3% to 10.3%. The state which holds the lowest drinking and driving rate is Utah with 4.6%, and the highest is North Dakota with 14.5%. Driving restrictions are in play with the decrease. Teenagers are not passing their drivers test as much, and a fact that caught me off guard, but makes complete sense, was the fact that gas rate are higher. We should celebrate the decline, and make sure it keeps declining!

A question I is more of a statement. I remember while I was in high school I did not get a lot of information in drinking. We were just told not to do it. I highly believe that a class should be taught in middle school or high school on the effects of drinking.

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