Advise for Parents Regarding Teenage Drinking

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It may seen obvious that parents need to talk to their child about alcohol, but you would be surprised. From my research I have heard parents ask questions like, "How do I talk about alcohol with my teen?" This article talks about what parents should do to keep their teen away from alcohol. Yes, the teenagers are heavily influenced by their peers, but parents must be strict when the issue of alcohol comes up. A step which is talked about is to call the parents of your teens friends to see if there will be any alcohol usage at the house. This seems like it would be awkward, but well worth it. There are several other great ways to keep your teen away from alcohol, and they are in this list!

My question is; although it may be awkward to bring up alcohol to your teenage, why wouldn't you bring it up? You know it is horrible for teens, yet you do not want to engage in an awkward conversation with your teen.

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