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Among all these objectives, i am quite familiar with C++ programming. I have been using C++/C for more than 2 years and i know those things including classes, values and pointers well. I think i can program in C++ at an intermediate level.

However, there are more things i am not familiar with.

For example, i don't use debuggers before. I think debugger is one of the most important tools during programming. When programming a huge project, it is impossible to finish the task without the help of debugger. During this course, i want to learn to use the debuggers which use command line. I believe i can use debugger well after practicing in this course.

Second, I am not familiar with state machines and normal expressions at all. I have not ever learnt them before. But i am taking CSci 4011 which teaches these things this semester. I think it is quite important to know these things because creating math models is one of the most significant part in computer science field. I think i will learn knowledge about it in this course and improve my ability.

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