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In 3081W, this is my first time hearing of and using version control software, like Subversion.
So at the very beginning, I am not used to it at all. And it took me some time to get used to it. For example, for the first several labs, especially for the first lab using group repository, I was copying all the folders to the target directory and when I was trying to add the new folder and commit it, I met lots of troubles. It took me at least 3-4 hours to do submit that assignment. I went through all the errors like "file already exists" and other messages. It really drove me crazy when I got another new error and I had to look it up in Google or other websites. I finally got to know the hidden folder .svn. Finally I erased all the things in my repository and re-upload everything. It was really tough in the beginning.
After the struggle in the beginning, I gradually felt the convenience of using subversion. It provides us a useful way to share the code inside the group. Because everybody is busy and has lots of things to do, it is kind of hard to find a time to do the project together. And it is little hard to finish the task within a short time. So thanks to Subversion, it is possible to do the project separately. We can write some of the functions by oneself and merge the code with the help of svn. We can see each other's codes written by one person and download them to one's laptop to read or edit.
I haven't used the function of reviewing the previous versions. But I think that might be very useful. It prevents some mistakes from losing some of the codes or even the whole code.
To sum up, I think it is a good tool to help group members to be like a team. I may use it again in the future.


It is also the first time that I heard svn and source control in 3081. Also, I just heard another source control, git yesterday. They are pretty similar. Learning svn is helpful not only for the project we are doing, but also makes us easier to learn other source control system.

Fangzhou Xu

I am strongly agree with you. It seems that most people encounter the same problem. The hidden ".svn" file also did bother me when I was trying to submit my project. The way I deal with it is that I only copy the files I selected rather than the whole folder.Another method is that we can choose to rm all the files in the old directory of the repository first, using "svn rm *" ,and then use "svn add *" to add files from local directory to the repository.

Wenliang Tong

I'm sure that there were a lot of other people who had similar problems with subversion the first time they used it. I'm glad you finally figured out how to get going with subversion because I think it is really crucial in computer science. By the way my partner and I also had to deal with the hidden ".svn" file.

It does take a while to get used to using it. We also had issue with the hidden .svn files. That's the downside to using the command line instead of a GUI.

Caleb Ahlquist

This class wasn't the first time I was introduced to subversion, but you ran into some problems that I would have encountered eventually. I use the tortoisesvn program which made it a lot easier, although I never really fully understood how it worked, but after reading this it makes a bit more sense now.

Scott Gee

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