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Man lied about child being abandoned

St. Paul police said Saturday that the man who reported finding a toddler abandoned on a Frogtown street corner was supposed to be caring for the boy, whose mother is in jail.

Chou Xiong, 44, called police around 4pm Thursday to report he found a child, between 18 months and 2 years old, abandoned on the corner of Kent Street and Edmund Avenue.

Police say Xiong is the boy's stepfather who was supposed to be caring for the child because the boy's mother is currently in the Ramsey County Jail. Thirty-three year old Zia Yang was arrested Wednesday night on an outstanding warrant for felony forgery and theft.

Police spokesman Tom Walsh said Xiong admitted the hoax early Saturday after relatives, who had seen some of the media coverage of the story, pressured him to tell the truth.

The boy remains in the custody of Ramsey County child protection services.

Investigators from St. Paul and Ramsey County will start the process on Monday to decide whether to press any charges.