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Red Lake boys bodies found in icy lake

The Red Lake Net News website have posted a statement Sunday that said: "unconfirmed report has been received that the two missing boys have been found in Red Lake at an area where junk cars are stored in a small lake. Red Lake Law Enforcement won't confirmed or deny this, and no one is available at the FBI office at this time."

Tristan White, 4, and Avery Stately, 2, were first reported missing on November 22, 2006.

The bodies of the boys were found encased in ice in a lake about a half-mile from the boys' home on the reservation in far northern Minnesota, about 250 miles from the Twin Cities, said FBI special agent-in-charge Ralph Boelter.

The bodies were found by a volunteer rescue squad from St. Louis County, which included a half-dozen searchers and three dogs, Boelter said.

A $30,000 reward had been offered for information about the boys and they had been featured on a segment of "America's Most Wanted."