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Documenting Place Reflections

Our brainstorming ideas and our ideation process were just thinking about a place where we enjoy hanging out at and that is familiar to us. As a group we love to experience the music and cultural experience of downtown especially at Pizza Luce. Our project went great because from the start we all had the same idea of a abstract/graffitti/worn look and that made it all the easier to complete the project in such a short time. As a team we all shared our ideas and basically just combined them since we were all headed in the same conceptual direction. We decided on the best order for the photographs and picked our favorite font from a big list. For the project, Chris did the photography, Dayna did the illustrations and I did the typography. Overall, it turned out very sucessful. Some problems we had while working were of course the size. We wanted to put it in an album cover and had it all picked out. We found an awesome plain black one with a cut out hole in the middle. It would have worked perfect with the project, except our project ended up being too thick. Then we had the great idea of putting it in a Pizza Luce pizza box, but even that ended up having too small of dimensions. It was really too bad, because they were both great ideas. I think that our project had some great diverse design elements and was very unified. We used a white grid layout over the photos which really tied it into one final piece. I also made sure that the typography would run from one page to the next instead of having seperate sentences on each square. Our design also succeeded at generating visual as well as conceptual suprise. The color was absolutely beautiful (thanks to Chris's awesome camera and printer!) and the dynamic lines and angles of the pictures really help capture the viewer's attention. We just really wanted to capture that funky worn feeling you get from being downtown on Superior Street. As for craftsmanship we decided to mount the photos on railroad board in order to protect the images and keep the piece sturdy. We also used archival tape as our binding in order to protect the photos as well and keep them from not getting damaged. Overall, this project was a lot of fun and I think we pulled it off in such a short time. I think it also helped that we choice the perfect place to document because we all love it so much!