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Being flashy matters.

flash not clash.....


Did that catch your attention?

To me good presentation styles are ones that catch your attention right off the bat and keep it. In doing this you have to use things that are flashy! If you use drab uncool colors your presentation will seem uninteresting, mostly because it is just flat out boring to look at.

However one of my team members brings up a very valid point that although it must be flashy, it can't be toooo flashy. If the document is too flasy it will only take away from the rest of the document. The viewer may pay attention to the decoration instead of the facts they are reading.

The best type of presentation style document to me would be a mostly white paper filled with text, but possibly a line of color on both the top or the bottom....or either side. This will bring the readers attention inwards towards the text, thus capturing the goal of having the reader concentrate most on what you have written.