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I find coincidences to be far more interesting than non-coincidences.

When I was five years old I met my best friend Grace. We became instant best friends because, believe it or not, we had the same birthday! At the age of five we were convinced that it was meant to be, we were going to be best friends forever. How cool it was to find someone with the same birthday as me on the first day of kindergarten.

Finding meaning in something that is due to chance can be described as apophenia, the tendency to perceive meaningful connections among unrelated phenomena.

To me apophenia is a funny concept. I don't know about you but I find meaning in things on a daily basis. For example, today I went to go visit my Grandma Sharon's gravesite with my Dad and my Grandpa. While we were there my Grandpa mentioned how it was ironic that my Grandma and my great Grandma passed away on the same day. Naturally, I thought to myself "does this mean something?", "when did my great-great Grandma pass away?", "was it the same day?", "Does this mean I will pass away on January 16th too?".

For the record my middle name is Kay. How would you feel if I told you that BOTH my Grandmas' middle names are Kay too? I mean think about it, both my parent's mom's middle names are Kay... so, obviously when I was born, there was no question and my middle name was of course going to be Kay as well.


One last thing, I was dating a guy in high school and his hockey number was 16. My best guy friend's Football number was 16. Was it a coincidence that my parking spot at school just happened to be 16?

I admit I have a tendency to seek out patterns and attribute paranormal significance to coincidences that are solely due to chance; these "meaningful" connections have all been examples of apophenia.

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