September 13, 2006

A New Beginning

Hi Everyone.
Well it has been an eventful first week and a half here at the U. I am from Chicago, so Minneapolis is completely foreign to me. It is a lot different from Chicago and from the suburbs of Chicago. There isnt a Walgreens, Target, or Taco Bell on every corner on campus. Which in my case might be helpful because I have grown up living at those places. I am starting to get use to Minneapolis though. At first, it was hard. I really wasn't enjoying the U, and I missed my home a lot. I am slowly starting to get over that. I have made a lot of new friends that help keep me sane. My classes are definitely keeping my mind occupied with all the homework and readings I have to get done. Hopefully by Christmas, I will not want to leave.
I have joined the Women in Business (WIB) organization through Carlson. I hope that it will be a big help in the future with internships and references that I may need. I am looking for another organization to get involved in. Hopefully I will find one at the actitives fair next week.
Recently, I have been trying to get to know Minneapolis. I have gone to a Twins game, Target, and walked around the campus/Dinkytown. I have eaten at a couple of new restaurants. I am trying to get a grasp on things here so I know where I am, and I am not completely lost. This Saturday is the first Gopher football game. That should be really fun, and it will give us something to do Saturday during the day instead of just sleeping the whole day.
More Later.