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So basically when thinking about the topics discussed in class this week, we have the Berube piece about white gayness, and also the controversial ad for volkswagen. The thing i've thought out if for myself (as a white middle class male) it's extremely difficult for me to put myself in either of those situations. Where I grew up in school it's been pretty diverse with classmates and population that I haven't felt any of that isolation from myself, or an isolation of others due to always being in open environments. If I thought long and hard maybe I'd be able to come up with certain groups or things where there was, but at least from basic day to day life it's felt pretty diverse, and obviously going to the U is no exception. This, along with discussing if the ad is racist, I stated in class as my own opinion I don't see the racial problem with it, because it's not degrading them or showing Jamaican's in a negative manner. However, as I feel open to my own opinion in this class, I realize it is hard for me to judge because I've never been in that situation where I've felt isolated, or put down. Sure there are probably many Minnesotan White Male stereotypes, especially with a Minnesotan accent, but at least me, I find that not offensive at all, Also because I don't find many offensive things period. The main point of my post is, with the discussion of discrimination or isolation, it's hard to fully understand the meaning of it when you're not in that position to understand the feeling.

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I would agree with you in that I also find it really hard to be able to try and analyze media from a different perspective. When we were talking about the VW ad, it was more that I found myself trying to find a way for it to be racist/ playing devils advocate when I was breaking it down. Although it is something that needs to be trained (like any other muscle) I didn't realize until we were breaking down these videos and ads in class how truly media illiterate i was, or maybe how blind I was to the stereotypes and ideals being reinforced every day. I do wonder however if it is just our generation has become more tolerant of semi-racist (or possibly perceived as such) commercials and see them as funny, or if older generations also perceive these commercials as funny? It would be interesting to know how different generations view the VW commercial.

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