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I think the reading for this week does a good job at outlining the basics of media literacy. As you stated in class, we are all surrounded by media each and every day, there is no escaping it. Looking on pages 288-294 and going through the forms of persuasion, we can see just how deceptive the media can be. It is as if they assume most of us are all fickle minded people, and they have complete control over us. Take the ad I showed in class yesterday, most of us were divided on how we thought about the ad. There is arguments for both sides of the debate and we were only able to hear a few. The ad used humor to try and bring people together to buy their cars, probably not caring too much about if people thought the ad was wrong in some sort of way. I'm not here to argue whether it was or not, but I think page 295 could be used to help you answer that question for yourself. It doesn't matter if it's racist or not, at least we were knowledgable enough to think about it and decide for ourselves. Many people out there, especially youth, wouldn't even think twice about that ad. I think media literacy is a skill we all should learn. I'm looking forward to seeing more examples of ads next week!

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I find your statement that refers to the ways that contemporary youth might react to the VW ad interesting. As the we become more diverse and globalized as a society how will issues surrounding race, gender, and sexuality shift - all while the middle class shrinks and wealth disparities grow. During the last election cycle, we were made aware of how younger voters felt about about the marriage and voter ID amendments, signaling that over time we will likely become more tolerant of homosexuals and immigrant populations, and ultimately extend equal rights to more sections of our population.

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