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I found the Introduction to Media Literacy article incredibly interesting. I have soem experience with the topic from previous classes where we just grazed the surface of the subject, but we never really went too in-depth with it. The biggest thing that interests me as a consumer of media is the different persuasion techniques used to try and sell us on a product, idea, show, or even a character. For the most part the persuasion techniques listed were fairly straightforward and I was immediately able to recall certain ads or television shows that used these very same techniques. While some were obvious and had little effect, some are extremely subtle. One of the biggest examples I could think of as a media text that has affected me a great deal was the relationship between Jim and Pam on The Office. After reading the article I attempted to identify the different techniques the show used to market them as the couple everyone wants to be a part of and how they marketed them individually as that ideal guy/girl-next-door. The first thing that comes to mind is the use of the "Beautiful People" technique. They are obviously both attractive young people and audience don't say no to that. They also use the "Warm and Fuzzy" technique to elicit a response from their audience anytime something good happens to Jim and Pam. However, I believe the biggest and most effective technique they use a combination of the "Plain Folk" technique and the characterization of the two of them that makes them seem so familiar to who we might be or to someone we all have met in our lives. By creating these characters in this way, The Office was essentially forcing us to root for them. Not in a way that was against our control, but in a way that made it hard to root against them. Now I know these persuasion techniques are generally only used in advertisements, but in the case of The Office and many other TV shows, media persuasion techniques can be used for just about anything.

Brian Miller

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I really enjoyed reading your post. I was just in a Marketing class last semester and we learned all about the techniques of persuasion and you certainly raised soem good points. Also, HUGE fan of the office, so I'm loving the Jim and Pam example is great. Jim and Pam certainly have mass appeal and it is certainly hard to find reasons not to like them. I agree when you say, "the characterization of the two of them that makes them seem familiar to who we might be or to someone we have all met in our lives." There is also examples from exactly how much mass appeal that Jim and Pam both have with now how many movies they are coming out with. Especially Jim, I really want to see that new movie of his with Matt Damon in it.

Great three examples of persuasion techniques and well-explained!

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