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Thank you all for your input during my presentation on Soft Soaping this past Wednesday! First I think everyone made some really great points about how this world still uses indirect themes of racism, and I do find it curious. This kind of goes to show that we cannot stop it. It has been happening for so long that I think people just accept that there are certain whiffs of racism throughout our lives that are unbeatable. Do we just settle for this? Or are people tired of fighting? I made the point in class that there are magazines that are geared towards black women, and then there are magazines geared toward white women. We didn't vote for this division, it is just the way that magazine companies decided that their product would sell better. Maybe we inadvertently voted by picking up the magazines with our own race on the cover, but we never vocally asked for separate magazines. This just makes the case that we DO still have themes of racism in our lives whether we recognize them or not. I'm definitely not making the statement that we should stop fighting the system, or just allow this, or even that it's ok. But I am pointing out that there are some issues that may perpetuate with, or without our voice. If anything, I think by reading "Soft Soaping" we can have a better understanding of how major issues are subliminally inserted into our media that unconsciously encourage people to believe certain things. To believe that all of this started with a simple soap advertisement is quite astonishing, actually. I understand why studying these topics are so relevant now, whereas before I kind felt that this class could become a bore. Luckily, I'm finding the readings and information way more moving than I had previously thought.


I feel that with the division in magazines that a lot of people just accept what has happened. It seems kind of like people do a lot of accepting what has happened nowadays. Since the idea of having separate magazines appeared, it seems like not a lot has been happening to change the way in which people produce those magazines. I definitely think that the magazine production shouldn't be so segregated, yet at the same time it's hard to represent 'everybody' in a single magazine. It's a tricky subject and only gets harder to come to terms with the more it's thought about.

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I thought your presentation was well put as well as the class discussion which brought attention towards many subjects. How magazines make money is through whatever is physically and emotionally connected with that person's background. At the same time I don't think "segregated" is the right term to why magazines are made the way they are. Each magazine has it's own topic/culture and if advertisers were to make a magazine representing every culture, class, gender and race, we wouldn't know how to keep ourselves entertained or interested. Just try to imagine a guy reading a section about "Pregnant women". Wouldn't be very interested. And this is the same concept with race. So in a way I think that the way magazines are made now is necessary so that we feel "comfortable" reading about whatever subject relates to us.

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